VisCom4Dev explores ways of communicating visually without writing, focusing on concepts of empowerment.

It brings together:

  • drawings, diagrams and stories from women, men and young people in communities in Africa and Asia who participated in participatory workshops I and colleagues facilitated on empowerment and gender¬†
  • examples of wordless drawings, cartoons, info-graphics and animations from illustrators, designers and artists in different countries and cultures
  • experiences and examples from other participatory development practitioners and methodologies
  • visual communication theories and frameworks of construction of images and narratives and relationship between image and text

as the basis for: 

  • my own visual experimentation and innovation in pictorial drawing, diagramming and storytelling without using any text
  • pushing the boundaries of participatory pictorial communication in development work

The outputs will be:

  • a body of interactive pictorial resources on empowerment concepts that can be downloaded from this blog onto a mobile phone and used in villages and communities worldwide without the need for literacy or translation.
  • ideas for how some of the material could be disseminated through alternative media eg street art, ‘branded’ ceramic mugs and plates and how drawings could be made eg with string and glue darkened with charcoal dust for communication by blind people who are generally excluded from visual communication.

It complements:

It draws on and contributes to:

  • my professional consultancy work on participatory empowerment methodologies on the gamechangenetwork website.

This research will help make my design of the resources for my work more empowering, engaging and impactful. It is also hoped that bringing this information together on this blog may also inspire others to experiment further in their own work.