Street Art forthcoming

Creatively develop a range of ideas that explores how your illustrations or drawings would work within the context of street art. Think about what media you would use, the scale you’d work at, where you would site your work and what it would be about.
Producing street art without permission can get you into trouble so, unless you have a place where you can work safely and legally, simply mock up your ideas.
Reflect on how the contexts you have chosen have changed the nature of your illustrations.
What conversation has gone on between the work and the place?

As a broad rule of thumb, think of site-specific work as adding something new to a site, taking something away from a site, or changing an existing element within it.

For this project I want to use a participatory visioning and diagram process I have developed as part of my professional work on gender issues. For more details of the methodology see my work blog: 

A Vision developed in Uganda earlier was developed using  the Soulmate Visioning process where every participant (in that case 50 farmers) drew their own individuals drew their own visions for change, then formed 4-5 groups with similar visions to do a collective group drawing. This is a process over 2-3 hours with a lot of discussion. The output from the groups was then combined by me as an overall design, then discussed, coloured and elaborated by a small group of the farmers who had participated. I then photographed and cleaned up their flipchart drawing digitally to make the image below. In other cases for smaller pieces I have transferred to Adobe Illustrator using image trace. Things have moved on since then in that cooperative, and they have already achieved many of the change elements.

Many participants put their diagrams on large flipcharts that they display on their walls – to remind themselves of their vision and plan, and also to share with and interest neighbours in doing their own.

The idea in this project is to produce something similar for my current work in Ethiopia (trip in November) based on some of the diagrams farmers have already produced. But to go one step further and paint it with farmers onto a building – the community building in one of the villages, or the cooperative or NGO building.

I have already discussed this with people on the ground. The farmers, cooperative management and NGO are very interested. The form that this will take will depend very much on what they decide they want to do with the various diagrams we shall do when I go back in November – there will be quite a few different options. They will also decide which building we shall use – possibly more than one.

Whether or not the actual painting will be implemented  during my stay will depend on logistics and funding for materials. If I am not successful in actually producing this, then I will do a mockup of the collective drawings we produce on the wall of the cooperative and/or community building and/or SNV building. They can then arrange to work together to implement at a later date. Possibly the donor Comic Relief might be interested in funding this separately.


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