Three facilitators (participants of workshop) facilitated Road journey exercise with a group of 5 community women. (the exercise was differently done as more than one women were involved in discussion nevertheless the pattern of journey as narrated by them appeared to be same)

The participants mapped out past and present life milestones while in the as of future relied on stating the vision. Milestones were identified in terms of lack of opportunities and resources to earn income and gradual progression to prosperity.

Starting point for the group was their social isolation and lack of resources to secure regular livelihoods which also depicts their past when they don’t have enough to send their children (girls and boys) to school. Women were engaged in their dial household chores and had no opportunities for social cohesion and collective action. DAMEN’s microfinance intervention surfaced as an important milestone for women who availed credit and started cloth business. Their business grew as time pass and they started earning profit.

Their present status is that they have regular source of income, profit they are reinvesting in business and also supporting their families. Their children are going to school and few households are planning to marry off their daughters. They have better access to health facilities compared to past.

Their vision for future was to have a prosperous and bright future for their children.