Assignment 5: Finalising your submission: Creative Translation animation workflow (November 2020)

See: Assignment 5: Finalising your submission (forthcoming September 2020)

The final part I bring together the conclusions, together with the visual work, theoretical questions and technical notes as an an integrated animated on-line experience accessed through the front page of this blog.

This will require further visual work and upgrading my understanding of html coding and how to customise WordPress themes to reflect the empowerment styles and content developed. The animated experience will be hosted on the front page of this blog and/or linked from my Adobe account and/or a separate website depending on what proves most efficient in rendering the styles and animation.

My work here will be based on extensive dissemination and discussion of the different visual translations with English speaking friends in communities with whom I am in WhatsApp and/or Facebook contact and colleagues in development agencies. My selection of styles and content and interactive design will be based on their feedback on how different people interprete the different visual and narrative styles and which they find most interesting/effective in communicating the original messages. will be based on period of consultation