Empowerment Stories

My own visual experiments are in the form of three sets of ’empowerment translations’ exploring different translation versions of community drawings and role plays in the form of 60 second animated narratives:

  • What is women’s empowerment? slideshow of animated cartoons from community drawings by women and men in Pakistan, India, Sudan and Uganda
  • Gender-based violence animated interactive info graphic from ‘Violence’ and ‘Empowerment/disempowerment Diamond participatory diagrams  from Pakistan and India.
  • Where does the coffee money go? from photo series of men and women’s role plays from DRC

Each ‘translation set’ will explore a range of options in terms of visual approach to see how different types visual translation affect the ways in which narratives are read. In particular, how seriously the messages are taken as ‘community voices’ for advocacy. My work here will include discussion of feedback from development practitioners on the ground and visual designers, and how I adapt and revise the outputs in response.