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Where does the coffee money go? DRC role play photos


Photographs of a men’s role play in a Fair Trade Cooperative! Tupa Tupa means ‘drink, drink’ – the man’s nickname.

  • women do all the work on coffee
  • men take all the money to gamble, drink and buy presents for his ‘girlfriend’ in town
  • the man gets put in jail because of a fight
  • the lawyer and police chief work together to extort bribes from the family to secure his release
  • the family is left without money
  • the only winners from the whole coffee production are the corrupt officials
  • ….till they use the GALS participatory visioning methodology

This would make a very interesting sequence of photos clarified through cropping and overlaid with gouache/crayon and put as a series. Challenge to do this without text.

I also have interesting drawings of gender stereotypes and empowerment from women and men. And a women’s role play. I would need to select carefully.