4: Transforming Tales In Process Narrative inspiration

Early Animation

Winsor MCKay 1914 Gertie the Dinosaur
JR Bray introduced the background shot dachshund
raoul Barre dreams of hercules
Herst herriman Crazy Cat dine by Barre. Uses write on text.
jrbray and? Discovered use of celluloid sheets.

Use lines radiating from eye to show noticing something.
Lines out of mouth for noise
Dream bubbles.
Use text screens and build-up text to drive the narrative. These screens move up and down to continue the feeling of movement from the animation.
Music of different moods and tempo


Willis O’Brien stop motion animation of a prehistoric world.

Paul Terry move the background to show movement.

Fleischer rotoscoping to create realistic movement Clown and ink

Pat Sullivan Felix the Cat

whole screen moves up and down like camera shake.

Winsor McKay

Gertie the Dinosaur, Winsor McCay
1914 Produced for a Vaudeville Act it took McKay a year to draw the thousands on pictures needed for this film.
Uses cycles and loops. When Gertie raises her feet, right and left in a little shuffle dance approximately 8 minutes into the film, the same sequence of drawings were used in a loop.

Early Mickey Mouse

analysis of sexist stereotypes. What is humour? What is objectionable?