Pixellated images

Pixellated drawings can be produced on graph paper. It is possible through simple variations in position and colouring of pixels to get a wide range of different characters in an interesting way.

These types of images could be used with children as a fun exploration of gender, age and/or ethnic stereotypes. If children themselves draw, the process of simplifying and comparing the effects of altering the position and/or colour of individual pixels promotes understanding of both visual dynamics and also concepts.

The pixellated images can also be combined in different ways, looking at positioning, relative size, linking lines etc to make narrative images. These could be the basis for embroidered tapestries and wall-hangings.

These images can also be produced digitally on computer in Adobe illustrator or in iPad software like Sketchclub and ArtRage. Both physical and digital images can be used for entertaining animations. They can also be used as icons for interactive design.