Creative Translations 1, Uganda: My Wife Doesn’t Love Me Any More

Lines Talking:
iPad animation experiments

‘Mother of the nation’: Constructed Narrative

Investing in women farmers in Africa?

This video is quite interesting for the somewhat patronising and complacent attitude towards women farmers – the compliant but neglected mothers who need ‘support from their men’ so that they can feed their families and feed and educate the nation. Issues of land rights and domestic abuse have been raised since the 1980s and still many countries have not changed. Even Fair Trade working with men’s cooperatives and increasing men’s incomes can simply increase alcoholism and enable men to marry more wives.

What is clear from the workshops in Gumutindo and Rwenzoris, and particularly videos from Bukonzo Joint, is that many women farmers resent many of the cultural practices and inequalities. Wanting rights to land, credit and profitable businesses. Many men after the workshops also support these changes – they have seen their mothers and sisters suffer.

But the video can provide an interesting counterpoint to the realities of women’s lives as they depict them in their drawings and role plays. And documented changes since the workshops can also provide a pointer to future possibilities.

Things that are obvious:

  • simple line style like the drawings themselves – single width
  • geometric line
  • colourful line style, maybe with fractured approach.

Simple line and selective colour

What women don't like: Polygamy: Gender Diamond, Gumutindo, Uganda
4: Polygamy

This is a clear drawing – the artist is the older less educated wife on the left doing all the work in the fields is working hard on the fields to feed the family. Her husband is walking gaily out with his second favourite wife – they are almost skipping and dancing as they go along the path. Five of the 12 women participants were in that position.

What women don't like:  Gender Diamond, Gumutindo, Uganda

1: First wife marriage kidnap

Wife kidnap? Unclear.
This is a picture of a (with trousers) man dragging a woman ( with dress) to his? house? the skid marks under the woman indicate force. Who are the smaller figures bottom right? Children of the man from an earlier marriage? Or is this a scene of domestic violence, with the man forcing the woman back home?

Natural line

Black and white geometry

See also Lucas Ragazoni

What women don't like: Gender Diamond, Gumutindo, Uganda
2: The bar

Colourful solid line and flat colour

david Shrigley

What women don't like: Gender Diamond, Gumutindo, Uganda
3: The new wife

This is a picture of a (smaller with trousers) man taking a woman (largest with skirt) away? (they have linked hands) from another woman (mother? co-wife? friend? bar owner? pimp?) who has a table with drinking utensils and house (alcohol bar? marriage table?) while a cow (whose?) looks sideways on the scene. But the meaning is unlear: This could be a woman (larger) taking her husband away from the bar. Could be a man and his girlfriend leaving the bar. The women could be co-wives. Or the man could have bought his wife with the livestock bottom right – but normnally that would be given to the woman’s father.

Stylised line and shape

What women don't like: Gumutindo, Uganda
5: ‘the cow’

What women don’t like. Here the woman is doing the heavy work of leading the large cow (has udders). While the man walks primly behind with a stick over his shoulder. Normally though a man would walk in front and the woman (carrying things) behind.
But the image itself is unclear – if the drawing had been placed in the ‘what women like’ category this could have been a drawing of the woman having bought her own very large and pregnant profitable cow and proudly taking it home.

Black and white

Evocative charcoal drawings of Johannesburg. Has detailed historical overview, but the images could speak for themselves.
What women don't like: Nagging children and lazy husband, Gumutindo, Uganda
Nagging children and lazy husband

This is a clear drawing – the children are tugging at the mother’s clothing – her face is interestingly upside-down. The man (stick figure no dress) is sitting at the back at a table doing nothing/drinking implied by his raised arm as if with a glass at a table.

Alternative narratives:
storyboards and animatics

TVpaint storyboards
Toonboom exploratory narratives???
What women don't like: Unequal property rights, Gumutindo, Uganda
My land my cow

Creative Translation 1.1:
Line animation

iPad experiments

issues of line consistency, smoothness. And selected colour for emphasis and to guide the eye.

TV Paint refinements

with Disney animation principles

Creative Translation 1.2:
Bukonzo stylised colour

Creative Translation 1.3:
African geometric