Visual Research Assignments

Revised research question based on tutor feedback:

Which visual design and narrative principles are most effective for translating community empowerment stories into interactive infographic empowerment narratives for a global audience?

My visual research for this module builds on my professional work skills and aims to address key gaps in my skill set in:

  • figure and image simplification and abstraction to communicate complex concepts without words
  • interactive graphic design to combine these images into powerful wordless narratives for a global audience.

Assignment 1: Research Question and Plans

presents my initial research proposal: my research question and why I chose it, my visual research options, key resources, time-scale and SWOT/PEST.

Assignment 2: A Theoretical Framework

Discusses the design of this blog format I have chosen for submitting my work, how my written and visual work will be integrated, a bricolage-based theoretical framework for my written work and research methodology and a draft literature and resources review.

Assignment 3: Gathering Data (forthcoming November 2019)

Presents the results of my visual context review and semiotic analysis of:

  • community drawings on concepts of empowerment, leadership and coffee livelihoods
  • designers and illustrators producing wordless animations and infographics.

Together with some initial drafts of my own visual experiments bringing the two together ready for discussion with professional networks and colleagues.

Assignment 4:  A Working Draft (forthcoming February 2019)

Presents a working draft of my proposals for a Participatory Visual Communications Methodology based on the visual context review and feedback on my own initial experimentation. It presents revised versions of three experimental innovative pieces uploaded to this blog focusing on concepts of empowerment, leadership and coffee livelihoods:

Assignment 5: Finalising My Submission (forthcoming September 2020)

Finalises my proposals for a Participatory Visual Communications Methodology and my own experimentation.

Together with practical resources notes for other designers considering:

  • how far similar resources can be produced in communities and organisations using drawing and mobile phone photo collages processed with free infographic software.