Life realities vs visual magic? Research Dissertation

Appendix supplementary galleries, padlets and links

Because of technical issues in linking animations into pdfs and playing on Google Drive, the Appendices for this dissertation are in the form of on-line padlets.

Appendix Padlet 1
Creative Translation Framework

gives an overview of creative translation questions and theoretical underpinnings in the on-line padlet:

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Appendix Padlet 2
Global animation inspiration

gives an overview and links to research on key animators and animations used in my creative translations.

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Appendix Padlet 3
Animation Approaches, Styles and Software

gives an overview of the different animation approaches, styles and software I used

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Appendix 4:
Animation portfolio blogpage

Links to other supporting material are in:

Padlet: VisCom4Dev at a Glance

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Primary and Secondary Sources