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Adobe Animate

Animate features and advantages
  • Vector stick animation allows very easy and quick manipulation.
  • Easy motion graphics with shapes.
  • Html coding for motion graphics.
  • Character rigging and links to Adobe character animator make character development relatively straightforward.
  • Symbols for automating cycles and loops
  • Layer blend and opacity modes.
  • Hand painting styles and link to Adobe Animator.
  • Potential for very low band width.
  • Interactivity with html canvas.
Animate gaps and challenges
  • Number of features means a very high learning curve.
  • Artistic styles are not as advanced as Procreate or TV Paint.
  • Can crash easily if overloaded with complexity eg of art brush strokes or complex characters.

Flash Styles

Ross Bollinger Pencilmation

Animation techniques

Stick animation

Alan Becker

Ross Bollinger Pencilmation

Drawing and basic keyframing

Using Adobe Animate for Frame by Frame animation requires:

  • very good drawing for key poses and in-betweens
  • good understanding of the Disney animation principles
  • understanding of drama and timing

The best tutorials available are by:

Howard Wimshurst Animator Guild:

Flow, intensity and dramatic timing

But with good drawing and understanding how to create dramatic timing, extremely dynamic animations are possible.

The best tutorials available are again by:

Howard Wimshurst Animator Guild:

Lighting, atmosphere and distortion
Camera movement and 3D

Adobe Animate 2020 other features and tutorials

Character animation and rigging