Adobe Animate WordPress Embed

There are a range of different options for embedding Adobe Animate files into WordPress, each of which is appropriate for different purposes.

Video embed

The simplest is embedding a video file exported from Animate as mp4 and
uploaded directly to WordPress through the media library and embedded into a Gutenberg video block. This has the best image and animation quality and the native video WordPress video player has its own play controls, screen enlarge and sound controls. Additional styling can be done through custom CSS (I need to work out how to do this). But there is no interactivity.

iFrame embed

To get interactivity it is necessary to publish the .fla file as html canvas into a folder. Then upload the folder via the server webspace into the wp-content folder and get a URL. For the version below the code entered into the code editor was:

This has the advantage of giving interactivity directly on screen, but has no enlarge function. The styling may shift somewhat and the animation is a bit choppy.

See also this tutorial I had to adapt to the new WordPress.

How to integrate Animate Files into WordPress

Interactive image link embed

A better option – having uploaded the folder and obtained a URL – is to upload a poster image as gif or jpg and embed this an an image block, then in the image link dialogue in wordpress copy the URL address. This then brings up the interactive animation in full screen, with better image quality and playback.